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Cory's prowess in photography comes from his innovation and creativity. In his early explorations of photography, he adopted a photo journalistic and documentary approach through various publications. Today, his work consists primarily of editorial styled portraiture, but also includes fashion, lifestyle, wedding, and travel. Part of Cory's passion rises from collaborating with other like-minded creative individuals in the industry.



Photography has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. My father used a 35mm film camera back in the day to capture family moments. Our drawers are filled with nostalgic prints from holidays to vacations to little league baseball. In middle school, I worked on the school newspaper both as an editor and photographer and subsequently worked with school publications both in high school and community college.

Throughout my early explorations of photography, I retained an interest in documentary style photography. After graduating with a B.A Sociology and Psychology, I ultimately came back to photography and found myself back home in Los Angeles photographing models for fashion.

Shortly after, I received my first publication in a fashion magazine and began working with modeling agencies and accumulated 7 more publications. Today, I am switching gears once more and going back to my roots to pursue a more documentary style, helping others fill their drawers with nostalgic memories.




University of California, San Diego
B.A Sociology and Psychology

University of Cambridge, England

College of the canyons photography department advisory board

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buzzfeed, daily bruin

The Model magazine, 7hues, promo, shuba, provocator, photovogue, elegant, Mordant

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What I liked best about working with Cory was that all I had to do was communicate my vision and when he understood what I had in mind, he executed it in the best way possible.

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